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Automatic Data Acquisition Solutions

Acquirable Data Types

For very fast data processing, information must be first transformed in symbols that equipment can read and interpret at high speed.
Such symbols are:

  • ICR (written by hand):

Numeric characters (American and European) written by hand and positioned in the cassettes.

  • OMR (Mark):

Various handwritten signs (x, verified, Hatching, etc.) positioned anywhere.

  • OCR

Different fonts in different sizes, positioned anywhere, including OCRA, OCRB, Multifont.


Code 39, Codabar 2 of 5 and Interleaved 2 of 5, Code128, Code 93, UPCA, UPCE, EAN, Postnet and PDF417 and all the symbols positioning and orientation.

  • MICR (Magnetic)

Optical recognition (CMC7-E13B);

After transforming the symbols, data acquisition equipment will read this information where necessary and forward the record to computer systems for processing.


  • Systems available for a variety of applications;
  • Data reading at high speeds;
  • Reliable and easy to operate equipment;
  • Equipment can be integrated into applications on line or off line.

Data acquisition solutions are a specialization of Promotional Interservice, which has the ability and expertise in implementing custom applications on the business of the customer according to its specific needs.

Applications for data acquisitions of documents:
Institutions specific forms, taxes, fines and irregularities, exam questionnaires, lottery tickets, processing of payment documents and reports of invoices returns: checks, receipts from collection, satisfaction questionnaires, cards, customer questionnaires, envelopes processing, issuers of gift vouchers and meal vouchers, tracking solutions, inventory: meal vouchers, gift vouchers, product labels, standard forms reception / delivery for transportation, transport and access tickets, production reports, etc.


  • Reducing costs;
  • Reduce time needed for processing;
  • Improves productivity;
  • Eliminate human error;
  • Provides information accuracy.
For any kind of details regarding any of the services and solutions on this page we are at your disposal:

Liviu Stefan Product Manager
0040 723584340


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