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Arrival® - System for tracking referrals and delivery management – which automates tracking letters and packages after the entrance in mail processing center. Arrival® assures the delivery, not only receiving.
Pitney Bowes Arrival ® system ensures full accounting packages and important documents until they are delivered to the destination. It also simplifies delivery registration, reporting and prioritize the resources of processing center, and offers recipient a variety of options to verify delivery status and location.

  • Uses barcode readers to identify and record each reference name mailbox that delivers;
  • Capture and store electronically signatures of anyone who took delivery of the package or letter;
  • Follow and report damaged confirmation references;
  • Detects when an announced postal item has not reached destination and automatically alerts the involved department;
  • Provide internal tracking and accounting for supplies PO (Purchase Order / Post Office), RMA (Return Material Authorization /) and COD (Collect On Delivery);
  • Customized list of delivery which prioritizes delivery on the departments, delivery routes or delivery points;
  • Scan and stores images of damaged packages to note their condition (requires Arrival ® Imaging);
  • Improve internal delivery processes;
  • Easily determinates internal location and delivery status of any package;
  • Increases loading level of employees regarding packages handling;
  • Request notification by email when the packages arrive to the processing center;
  • Send electronic instructions to the processing center where deliveries requires special handling;
  • Get alerts by email and digital photos of the suspicious packages, so that they can confirm or refuse the delivery (requires Arrival ® Imaging);
  • Automatically sent letters and packages as they are received in the processing center;
  • Follow each delivery progress made from receipt to delivery;
  • Accelerate the data introduction using the Arrival ® together with portable devices of data collection (PDC Portable Data Collectors)
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