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Auto-format correspondence

Auto-format correspondence is based on a pressure sealing solution.

Pressure sealing is known as the "one piece mail" and refers to bending and bonding (sealing) of a single sheet of paper that was printed so as to get the document ready for shipment.
Substance that provides document bonding (sealing) is special and become active only in applying pressure. It does not react to the action of heat, water, ink, etc. and that’s why this process has no disadvantage of dirtying or danger of fire.
Equipment used are compact, easy to operate and relatively cheap.
Paper sheets are provided to customers with "glue" and existing perforations as standard or custom routes. Pressure sealing equipments makes bending through a weightings system and sealing by applying a high pressure, which activates the "glue", obtaining in this way a mail ready for sending.


  • Available systems for needs of all applications types and volumes;
  • Formats can be printed on all types of printers: laser, ink-jet or matrix;
  • Correspondence made with pressure sealing can not be opened, any attempt is immediately obvious;
  • Equipment is reliable and the process is clean and dry;
  • Equipments can be supplied with precut formats or continuous format;
  • Formats used can be preprinted or white.

Applications that use AutoFormat Correspondence incorporates document processing solutions with variable data: processing and delivery of standard forms specific for some institutions, specific and commercial mail, salaries flyers, information, notices, notifications, PIN codes, payment reminders, order for payment, marketing product launchers, loyalty mails, referral payments, promotional materials, communications, product promotion campaigns, etc.


  • Reducing costs;
  • Reduce time needed for processing;
  • Improves productivity;
  • Enhance company image through mail quality submitted;
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