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Equipment rental services with total maintenance

Adapting to the market requirements in its domain, Promotional Interservice analyzed and then offered an alternative to purchasing technology solutions dedicated to customer demand. In this matter the company launched equipment rental services in total maintenance regime, decreasing significantly the financial effort that required by a customer to purchase an expensive equipment. Through this service the client has all the facilities offered by a new equipment without having to buy it, but keeping this option open, too. Also in cost rental agreement are covered all the needs of technical support (installation, training, accidental interventions, regular maintenance, review, warranty, etc.).

Among the advantages of this service are:

  • eliminating the investments in specific technology;
  • eliminating the need for employment of staff with specific skills, through direct training of operators / end-users of equipment;
  • posibility of complete testing directly in the production process of any equipment before the actually (and optionaly) purchasing, if the client chooses to keep the equipment on the end of the contract;
  • high efficiency, with clear delimitation of time actually needed for using some equipment and posibility of giving up the equipment when no longer necessary (or buying it after the contract)

Portfolio of equipment that comes under this service offer is the same as in “technological solutions" chapter, being possible to hire any equipment of that range, depending on available stock and time of distribution (if it is not available “on stock”)

For any kind of details regarding any of the services and solutions on this page we are at your disposal:

Serban Zaverdeanu – Executive Director
0040 – 723584340


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