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Mail Sorting

In the delivery of mail, postal operators have to sort mail (physical correspondence) according to the guidance of the postal network plans implemented by the postal company in the covered territory. Being essential in optimal functioning of Mail Processing Centers, sort solutions are answering to operational and technological needs of postal operator. The need for automated sorting activity becomes more evident considering the fact that postal operators, desiring to encourage growth in volumes of mails that could be automated processed, offers special discounts depending on volumes received for distribution. Product portfolio in this area is considerable and covers various processing needs, from the mail format to the number of sorting/mapping directions. The equipments are modular, so the solutions can be configured to mail processing volumes, other dimensions, working space forms or economical requests/criteria. Automated sorting solutions present reading capabilities of identification destination elements and allocation inscriptions encoded type 1D bar codes or two dimensional characters, OCR or ICR, to integrate this information in systems of "track and trace" correspondence. Implementing an automated sorting solution correspondence brings some advantages and benefits like:

  • automate mail sorting process in Mail Processing Centers;
  • monitor and report processed mail volume for each location and destination;
  • manage and records the activities on the processed correspondence registered in the Mail Processing Centers;
  • reduce mail processing time;
  • ensure cost control by multiple reports of the operations performed;
  • increase productivity in mail processing;
  • automatically generates documents accompanying delivered mail;
  • generate reports and provide tools to control the activity;
  • can achieve optimal preparation between regional centers for necessary resources and facilities;
  • allow vehicles used optimization;
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